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August 23, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

Saturday August 12th. Me and mah babes.- We brunched so fricken hard! Kinda just had to be there.

Brunch Fest Denver

So here’s the story- We have these homies right, and they’re like, all into throwing these massive food and alcohol pairing parties. They do outlandish shit like Whisky & Donuts, Mac and Cheese & Beer, Pizza & wine… so there we are just minding our own damn business on a Tuesday evening when they hit us up like, 

'hey what’re you guys doing Saturday? We’re thinking about having a couple thousand people over for brunch. Thinking we cater it with like 20 different brunch restaurants, 10 different distilleries, and then do a brunch off contest followed by a drag show… What do you think? You guys want in?’
And in our best Morty voices we’re all like, ‘You son-of-bitch, I’m in. How can we help?’
And they say, ‘two words- Brunch Tuxedo.’
Breakfast fashion

Now, this particular soirée is set to happen in the middle of the August heat so I figured if we deliver on the brunch tux idea, it’s gotta be cabana style! So some bananas and blow later and BOOM, we’ve cooked up this awesome brunch capsule that we’re gonna release at this crazy ass breakfast party.
So we holler back at the homies like ‘hey, what do you think about this print on a matching outfit with some accessories to boot? You know, that breakfast flair that says ‘extra syrup please’!’.
At this point our enthusiasm isn’t quite being met so I’m like ‘what’s wrong? You don’t like the idea?’
And they’re all ‘it’s just that… for a B fresh pattern, it’s not that complicated. We wanted to see some Dan Flashes type shit.’

To which I’m like ‘that’s fair, but there’s reasoning behind this print! The best dishes are the ones that use the least ingredients and still manage to slap! Bacon and eggies paired with bright undertones of bluebird mornings. It’s the perfect match to the perfect meal.’
And once I said that it was as if the biscuits we’re ready to be pulled out of the oven- ‘well fuck Brian, when you put it like that, yea… I can see what you mean. You and David are just some goddamn masterful design chefs.’
Brunch Tux

So with that nod of approval, we jump right into production with our brunch tux. Now this brunch tux is comprised of a four-way stretch shirt (designed to expand with the belly), and a pair of leisure shorts (designed to double as swim trunks in case you gotta go swimming in a vat of mimosas). So between the shirt and the shorts, you’ve got one pocket upstairs and three pockets downstairs. And we’re thinking, hmmmm, that’s not enough pockets for a brunch tux.
Because in reality you’re gonna need pockets for phone, keys, wallet, vape, pocket-shooters, joints, action figures, rocks, and a bunch of extra pockets for syrup, donuts, bacon, burritos and whatever else you have left over after brunch. So yea, we added a four pocket fanny pack to the capsule. How very utilitarian. And necessary! 

Ok, fast forward to 8/12/23- we join the homies, Lacey and Patrick, for this epic breakfast event of brunchy proportions.
There’s 20+ restaurants with kickass food, there’s distilleries pouring bloody s and mimosas! That strong-strong too.- There’s a drag show going on. I mean people are just getting loose, stuffing their faces, and having a great ol time! And we’re there just slanging the hell outta the breakfast tux watching everyone who buys one change into it on the spot and instantly receive a million compliments. Pretty sure we got three people laid that day and created at least one Avocado Toast sandwich and that’s just… word! That’s word!
Avocado Toast and brunch
We love our jobs lol. And we love our homies and we love participating with them when they throw these ridiculous food parties! Brunch fashion, who would have thought? 

Anyways, stay tuned for the next food and fashion pairing! But until then, grab yourself this limited edition Brunch Tux and consider us a pioneer in the breakfast fashion department 😂 .