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August 30, 2023 4 min read 0 Comments

Lick the frog. Life’s a trip.

That’s pretty much the mantra for our latest capsule release. The design is quite self explanatory- tropical, yet psychedelic. Accented with a deep lush green which is comfortably  suitable for ‘getting lost in the sauce’. Or in this case, ‘swimming in the suds’. 

Tripping Animals Hawaiian shirt

But yea, you get the design. So let’s talk about the people and the experience! I’lm going to tell you a little tale of how the Tripping Frogs capsule came to be!

Back in 2021 we set a collaborative goal for ourselves to reach out and team up with more people on the scene that we felt were doing it and doing it and doing it well! (S/O L.L. Cool J lol).  

So  there we are, just scrolling the gram. We got our filters set just right so we can locate the party. And who should we scroll upon but Tripping Animals Brewing out of Doral, Florida. The aesthetic, the people, the story, the goddamn can art!!*Chefs kiss*.  

We slid right into them DM’s like, ‘Y’atripping animals swimwearll better understand that you’re absolutely crushing the branding of your brewery and you know, we kinda wanna…’.

 And they’re all like, ‘Yea, thanks for the compliment. Wanna do something about it?’.

So then we get all goofy like Billy Madison and go- ‘Miami… Beach… Bathing suit.. Tit…”.

And they’re all like ‘We can see this vision clearly.’ 

So basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that it was love on first DM. 


Now, again, this is back in 2021. We dropped that first swim capsule- it was a smashing success. We did it again in 2022- another smashing success- (the mushroom print trunks sold out in like 3 weeks and we still get requests for them!). 

So, in comes 2023.

Quick backlog- Tripping Animals has this 420 themed beer festival called Irie Jungle that they put on every year, and it always looked so dope! So I figured, we’ve done two straight swim capsules with these guys and crushed it… they host this awesome 420 themed beer festival every year and I’d love to crush it… Let me just go out there and get Irie in the Jungle with this crew so we can finally meet in person (you already know we’d been face timing for monnnnnths!).

Tripping Animals women's reversible swimsuit

So out I go. I hit up Iggy (the fricken man!) and made arrangements for a small B fresh pop-up shop to be featured at irie Jungle. Everyone is pumped! Then Iggy hits me with the itinerary for the trip and I’m just floored! These guys put on for 420!! 

420 this year was on a Thursday so that’s when the festivities began. I flew in that morning and then went to the brewery to attend a cocktail mixer. Drinks, delicious bites, herbal remedies, great company! We all had a great time, but not to be outdone by Friday! Friday was ridiculous!! 

Tripping Animals swim trunks

Friday morning a shuttle bus comes to pick us up from the hotel. Everyone is a little groggy from the night before but we’re looking forward to our day. All we really know is that we gotta wear swim attire and bring our appetite. 

-Some folks on the bus had been to this place before so they knew the hype, but the rest of us? Man, they down played the shit out of this place! When the bus pulled up- I’m looking out the window like- yo this can’t be real- and there’s this beautiful, lush lagoon just looking back at me. Caribbean palms lined the property, theres iguanas and birds of paradise and holy shit this swimming hole! This swimming hole was amazeballs! Spots for cliff jumping, a waterfall, and a tons of rocks for lounging. And the water is this crystal clear light blue. Just re-gawddman-diculous! And on top of all that, they got the whole thing catered with this smash burger food truck and of course there’s just coolers full of beer everywhere! 

B fresh at the swimming lagoon

And to top off the top off, a bunch of us are at a table and one of the guys comes over and is like, you guys have been selected to be tripping animals for the days… My god we had a good time that day! And I don’t think a word of business was spoken- that’s what makes this relationship so blessed and so unique. We just enjoyed each others company on a day off and vibed TF out! 

Ok, so now Saturday! Irie Jungle is here. It’s this massive beer festival with a ton of breweries from all over the country. We’re having a blast, slanging merch, bopping and weaving, talking and drinking beers. You know, doing the beer festival thanggg! 

Irie Jungle B fresh pop-up shop

So the festival wraps up, we get all broken down, and then Iggy calls me into the back office like 

- ‘Yo brother, it means a lot to us that you came down and partied with us.’

 And I’m like, ‘The honor is all mine! You guys have treated me to paradise! Blessed to have linked up with y’all’. 

And then, after we professed our love for each other, we discussed some business. In the back room. After a beer festival and a week of partying and hanging. With beer spills on our shirts. And Iggy came up with this Tripping Frog print to commemorate that Friday at the Lagoon where we were all Tripping Animals for the day. 

Tripping Animals 2023 swim capsule

So please enjoy this print! And when you wear it, know that you’re a part of the B fresh family and you’re just a Tripping Animal for the day. 

I’ll cheers to that!