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September 27, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments


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Ever wonder why Oktoberfest starts in September…? Who cares! The earlier in the year we get to hoisting stines and stuffing sausies in our faces the better! 

No but seriously, a lot of Oktoberfest occurs in September because the honorary first day is supposed to be the first Saturday after September 15th, and the honorary last day for Oktoberfest celebrations correlates with the first Sunday in October. And the reason why this celebration came about- something about a Royal Wedding or something where the common folk celebrated for a week straight in Munich? Yea, something like that. But then the beer drinkers and sausage guzzlers found out that they missed a week long party and demanded that the celebration be repeated the next year. And then it just kind of became a tradition. 

So in true German Oktoberfest tradition, we decided to hoist several steins and get busy on our first ever Oktoberfest capsule! We relied heavily on the drunken celebrations traditions to cook this special capsule up. We started with the traditional Bavarian blue and white diamond print and then topped it off with a one of a kind crest fit for a King and a Queen who are about to get handsy. Or rowdy. But probably both!

 The crest is of a beautiful young lady who is about to enjoy her ‘Weiner & Beers’ which is aptly what the script in the crest reads. 

So go forth into your German celebrations wearing a truly unique, yet traditional Oktoberfest tuxedo and cement your first place standing in the stein hoist! Dawn this Bavarian garb and win yourself some bragging rights at the keg bowling ally! Slip into this Weiner’s & Beer fresh fit and crush you some… Weiner’s & Beers! 

The B fresh Oktoberfresh capsule! 

It’s Oktoberfest, elevated.