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Nut House- Christmas Card

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The perfect Christmas card for anyone who becomes a bit unhinged during the holidays! 

We all have to put up with a lot during the holidays! All that work and the lights won't even turn on? Get the lights working and then uncle Eddy shows up out of no where!?

It's no wonder some of us are ticking time bombs during the holiday season. Gift this holiday greeting card to those loved ones who know have extended their fuse by 3 ft just to make it through to the new year! 

Cuz when Santa shows up, we'll be spreading normal amounts of holiday cheer. 

Now someone get me some vodka! 



  • Hand Drawn illustrations by @skizottizart
  • 18 pt card stock
  • Envelope included with each card purchase
  • Glue on envelope non toxic so you won't die like Susan. 
  • Made by a Jolly bunch of A-holes