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It’s like adult homecoming and spring break rolled into a volleyball tournament. 

The perfect blend of athlesiure activity and partying! Start your day with some gentle stretching, then smash a few sets, then transition into some gentle imbibing as you make your way into binging out on good times!

Seriously, FUD’s is the essence of what community should be. The whole vibe! We’ve been accepted with open arms and to show our gratitude, we developed this FUD’s capsule in conjunction with the Emerald Coast Volleyball organization. Rocking this limited edition B Fresh X FUD’s capsule is a great way to show camaraderie while at FUD’s, and an even better way to show everyone else while not at FUD’s that volleyball slaps!

Shirt, shorts, fanny pack, bucket hat! We’ve got you covered in volleyball pride from head to knee (cuz you know you’re rocking open toes on the beach mon). 

Shop the very limited edition Emerald Coast FUD’s X B Fresh Gear retro volleyball capsule now. Once it sells out, the only way to get a piece is to play us for it. 

Game. Set. Match!