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Raise your stein in honor of one fine Oktoberfresh capsule! This beer drinkers must-have wardrobe is comprised of a four-way stretch button down shirt and a pair of matching athleisure drinking shorts that double as swim trunks. And there’s no bunched up liner neither so your boys can hang while you drink. 

The Oktoberfresh pattern is that of traditional Bavarian garb but you already know we added our B fresh twist to it, the blue diamonds are distressed, different but no big deal. 

The real differences comes in the way of the bold B fresh family crest which adorns an attractive young lass getting ready to make short work of a wiener and then wash it all down with a big ass beer! And that my friends, is the Oktoberfest way. A time of year where man and woman alike can come together over a big ol weiner and even bigger beers! Now excuse me while I go home and change into my Oktoberfresh fit and suss out some sudsy weens.