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Burnt Bamboo - All Woods

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Burning the steaks, bad! Burning the bamboo, good!  Getting burned by the burning hot sun, right in the retina, TERRIBLE! Don’t do terrible things, do good things. Things that make you happy and are good for you.  Like shopping, shopping makes you happy and a purchase of your new B Fresh Burnt Bamboo wood shades is actually good for you too, because of the UV400, polarized lenses and what not. These will land you more backyard bbq compliments than Aunt Teresa’s potato salad. Good for you. Each polarized lens provides more protection than planned parenthood.  Good for you! Each pair of B Fresh wooden sunglasses is made of wood, which means it is liable to break, but does come with a lifetime warranty so it’s easier on your pockets than a cue ball. Great for you!!


    • UV400 protective
    • Polarized
    • Dark Black lenses
    • Burnt Bamboo sides
    • Includes soft case and lens cloth
    • Covered by B Fresh's  Lifetime Woodshades Warranty