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Grandma's Couch - Hat

Grandma's Couch

Did you ever stop and think, hot damn! Grandma has the coolest couch!? Like, for real! That pattern would make the dopest 90s hats with matching bum bag in the universe? Ok, that thought has probably never crossed your mind, but when you are as obsessed with capturing your youth through the creation of 90s clothes and 80s clothes as we are, you tend to think about these things! I mean C’mon, someones gotta capture that attention to detail and pattern work in the modern era. And you better believe Grandmas couch matches her drapes! Leave it to us to cut up her couch and use the fabric to make flat brim hats and cute fanny packs.

  • B Fresh wood label
  • Floral sublimated fabric
  • Leather strap closure
  • One Size fits all


Sublimated Nylon