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Retro Cactus - Crushable Hat

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The Saguaro cactus is a southwestern statement piece! A fashion icon in its own right. Plus, when you toss a cactus in a design, it always crushes! 

That’s why we tossed this Saguaro cactus from our Retro Desert print onto these crushable nylon hats. The lightweight construction is quite breathable in case you need to rock it while spending 40 days and 40 nights pilgrimaging in the desert and in the off chance that you do need to take it off, crumple it up, and shove it in your back pocket for later, fret not desert wanderer because these hats are designed to retake their form. 

So go ahead and crush the desert in this most excellent south western hat. 


  • Embroidered cactus logo
  • Color coordinated sailor strap
  • Embossed metal clasp
  • Leather strap closure
  • One Size fits all