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The 14er - Crushable Hat

Are you a mountain lover who crushes peaks? A real ‘pack-it-in-pack-out’ trailhead aficionado? The type that pees on a fire pit to put it out and spread your scent to the neighboring wildlife? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this crushable 14’er hat is for you! 

This retro hat is lightweight which makes it a great trail companion and it’s crushable so you can crumple it up and toss it in with the rest of your trail gear. Don’t even have to worry about creasing the fabric because this reinforced nylon material is built to find its way back to its original shape. 

Unlike you finding your way back to the trial once you go off the beaten path cuz you thought you saw a yeti traversing deep in the foliage. 

Tho this hat is super fresh and will score you tons of compliments out on the trail, it does not come equipped with a compass. But at least if you do get lost while wearing this retro hat, you’ll be lost in style. And that counts for something. The all new lightweight crushable hats by B Fresh Gear, the perfect accessory for active lifestyles that still deserve their fair share of compliments. 

Just imagine rocking this hat in your next summit pic. 🤌


  • Embroidered mountain logo
  • Color coordinated sailor strap
  • Embossed metal clasp
  • Leather strap closure
  • One Size fits all