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Tribe Called B Fresh - Fanny Pack

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Tribe Called B Fresh Fanny Pack Bum Bag - 90's Retro Tribal Pattern 

This hip pack draws inspiration from the tribal artistry that accommodates Tribe Called Quest album artwork. We wanted to give our lady friends a birthday present that would seal the mid-night deal but also be a gift we could conveniently steal back for our own personal use! Stuff the front pocket with concert tickets to her (or his) favorite show to let her (or him) know, “Hey bonita, you got all the right features!". Lets get lucky.

    • Wood Label
    • 4 Pouches
    • Black Buckle
    • Durable YKK Zippers
    • Striped Belt
    • Adjustable Belt (16 x 53 in’)
    • Secure Back Pocket (12 x 6 in’)
    • Oversized Front Pocket (8.5 in x 6 in’)
    • Large Front pocket- (7.5 x 5 in’)
    • Bonus Front Pocket- (7.5 x 3.5 in’)