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Van Dope - Headband

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If we’ve learned anything from Mr. Myagi, it’s that headbands are a trademark of extreme focus. Channel your inner ninja with these cranium wraps and turn your crane kicks up a notch! Once the hair is out of your eyes you’ll be landing 100% of your strikes. What about the sweat? Yea, what about the sweat B fresh? Ever tried to catch a fly with chopsticks?  It requires extreme concentration which always results in a sweaty brow. If even one droplet of sweat impairs your vision you have a 0% chance of catching that fly. But, once the sweat is out of your eyes you’ll be trading in that fly zapper for a pair of chopsticks in no time. Be like Karate Kid and grab your head band today so you can unlock those ninja skills tomorrow! If you pair this sweat stopper with the Van Dope windbreaker and Van Dope visor shades you’ll instantly get your black belt!  

  • Reversible and goes extra fast
  • Ties tight, one size fits all
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable, lightweight, soft and cool against the skin
  • Wicking to help pull sweat away from the skin and dry quickly
  • 2.5 " tall by 40" wide