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Vapor Wave - - Fanny Breaker


Catch the vapors, not wind burn! 

This iconic 1980's style windbreaker will break so much wind, people will start saying excuse you! To which you can reply 'pardon my drip'. 

Did you just break wind? Society’s most embarrassing accusation. Rest assured, now you can look your accusers dead in the eye and proclaim, “YES, yes I did!". I had everything packed neatly inside and I decided to let it rip... Check out my cool windbreaker! It’s not just a dope retro jacket either, this thing is packable!" 

     Sometimes it’s jacket weather and sometimes it’s not! And if it isn’t, I’ve got a shoulder bag for phone, keys, and wallet. And if it is...! I got this versatile jacket to keep me warm, dry and fly! Enough about the fanorak jacket, The Future is now!


  • Water and wind resistant nylon
  • Ribbed cuffs at the wrists and waist for tighter fit
  • YKK zippers
  • Kangaroo pouch with interior zippered pocket
  • Hand warmer pouch
  • Hood with drawstring
  • Fold into Fanny Pack with one exterior zippered pocket



YKK Zippers

Fanny Pack ------> Stylish Weather Resistant Breaker