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The Presidential Vest


The Presidential

Spread Eagles. Effortless back flips. Back country like nobody's business. You once saved ski patrol from saving you. You taught ski school how to school the children. You're a got dang pro! You don't compete unless there's a gold medal on the line! Or a taco, you love tacos. You're so good you represent a nation! This B Fresh Gear Vintage Ski Vest was designed specifically for you, ya sexy Olympian! You're a champion and champions deserve the Presidential treatment. This B Fresh Gear Vintage Ski Vest is comprised of a nylon shell, nylon lining and an unsuspectingly warm polyester filling! The Presidential vest is your fast pass to skipping the lines. The Roy is happy with its silver medal, but not you, you demand perfection! Like the fit and feel of your favorite USA vest. Settling isn't an option, neither is not showing off your hard earned muscles. Grab yourself a B Fresh Gear Presidential ski vest and make the US ski team today!

  • Water Resistant Nylon Shell
  • Unisex
  • Durable and warm
  • Button up
  • 70s style vintage design


Water Resistant Nylon